About The Glow Up

The #GlowUp is a 2 day series providing actionable workshops and events for the professional woman. Queens Brunch is partnering with TechNexus and Clique Studios to bring #TheGlowUp, an event series focused on skills building and career conversations specific to women.  Workshops include a Scrum Master certification course, User Experience workshops, Digital Branding, and ends with a brunch experience focused on Negotiation skills.  We are bringing the best instructors, great food, and an experience you don't want to miss.

Two day courses  are eligible for corporate skills training as well as educational or small business expenses.

Ticket Prices

The Agenda

Day Two 

  • Check-In
  • Early Breakfast + Energizer
  • Scrum Master Class 
  • User Experience Class 
  • Negotiation Skills Brunch

Day One

  • Check-In
  • Intros + Energizer
  • Scrum Master Class 
  • User Experience Class 
  • Digital Branding Workshop
  • Lunch + Rapid Fire Q&A
  • Start, Stop, Continue
  • Scrum Master Class cont
  • User Experience Class cont
  • Retrospective



About Queens Brunch

Queens Brunch is a community for the woman in business. It is a gathering of women across all stages of life and a movement to support local businesses owned by people of color, women, or other self-identified minority groups. Queens was started as an event series to connect women from different backgrounds with a leader who has seen it all and done the rest. The mission is to connect like-minded women, share resources, and advance business endeavors. All Queens Brunch events & workshops are curated with love using design thinking. 

Any questions? Email info@queensbrunch.com with questions. 

About Clique Studios

Clique Studios is an award-winning digital agency offering strategy, design, engineering, and marketing for high-growth organizations. We specialize in crafting digital experiences in the industries where it makes the most impact: education, healthcare, startups, and non-profits.

From day one, we've had the mindset of Growth Through Quality. That means we invest our time in making things, and hope the quality of what we make (and the relationships we build along the way) will lead to our growth, rather than fundraising or sales strategies. This mindset has helped us grow organically every year for ten years straight.

About Atkco, Inc. 

Atkco, Inc. is a Lean-Agile product management and coaching company providing advisory, certification training, and course kits for Agile skills development. Agile is in the DNA of what we do. Atkco, Inc. is led by scaled Agile program consultants, experienced lean professionals, and product development geeks passionate about products customers love. 

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